Morris Swift – Founder, OneAudio

Morris Swift graduated from the University of NSW (Sydney) in 1976 with a degree in electrical engineering – B.E (Hons 1) – specialising in electronics and embedded systems. He undertook postgraduate study in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image Processing. He worked for AWA designing integrated circuits. AWA customers included pacemakers, cochlear implant, Dept. of Defense, and ultrasonic medical imaging. Soon after Morris branched out on his own, providing design and manufacture “from concept to reality”, as well as a technical auditor and company troubleshooter, assisting companies whose projects were overtime/over-budget and/or unreliable. He also has extensive experience in wireless and radio telemetry, in difficult environments.

Morris’ love of audio goes back to early teenage years, when he was building hi-fi equipment as well as sound reinforcement for bands. His key interest is in active loudspeakers and DSP for improving the audio experience and making equipment easier to use and less critical to install.